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It's Cool to Pool (and flexible too)!

One of the most commonly cited reasons for not carpooling is 'it's not flexible enough'. Most people believe that carpooling needs to take place every day - morning and evening - five times a week. This is simply not true! Yes, we all lead busy lives and on occasion we need our vehicles during the day or after work, but carpool commitments can be managed according to individual needs. You can carpool once a week, twice a month, you can carpool to work with one person and home with another, you can take the bus to work in the morning and carpool home. As schedules change, you can add or remove a carpool day to your schedule. While there are some folks that carpool every day, our research tells us that the average group consists of 2.3 people carpooling 2-3 days per week.  

Canada's climate strategy includes reducing GHG emissions by 17% by 2020. Every Canadian has a role to play in meeting this goal. We cannot put this responsibility solely on the shoulders of government. Canadians commute alone as much as 80% of the time. By committing to carpooling only #1DayAWeek, your personal transportation emissions could be reduced as much as 20%... plus you would be mitigating congestion and the added emissions associated with idling in traffic!

Carpool Week 2016 will be held October 17-21. Find out how you can participate and be entered into our Carpool Week prize draws. Free carpool matching is also available so take a few minutes to explore your options. Reducing emissions could be a lot easier than you think. It's (definitely) Cool to Pool!

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St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! Not Irish? No problem! You can still GO GREEN for St. Patrick's Day - try carpooling! You can help the environment stay green, and the money you'll save by sharing a ride means more 'green-backs' in your wallet too!

The majority of commuters travel to work alone in their cars. This creates traffic congestion, contributes to air pollution, and is an unwanted source of stress for many drivers. We offers a free service to those wishing to explore carpooling options.  It takes less than two minutes to register online and search for potential carpool partners. It's easy, free, and there's no commitment required!

Find you carpool partner now and Go Green on March 17th!

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10 Promotional Tips for Universities & Colleges to promote carpooling in September:

  • Check web-sites, both internal and external, for opportunities to provide links to Ideal pages for carpool information include parking, transportation, student services, student union and UPASS. If you would like our logo, ask, we would be happy to send you a copy.
  • Include carpool information (and our logo) in parking brochures.
  • We would be pleased to supply items such as bookmarks and brochures for Student Orientation Events. Please allow time for shipping.
  • Follow us on Facebook/Twitter (links at bottom of this page) and share carpool messaging.
  • Order a supply of bookmarks to distribute through campus libraries and bookstores.
  • Consider placing our free bumper stickers on Parking and Security vehicles.
  • Include an article about sustainable transportation in campus newspapers/blogs - we can supply a template.
  • Review parking lot signage. Is carpool signage in place and visible? Are there opportunities to promote carpooling near entrances, parking meters, etc?
  • Adopt parking policies that encourage carpooling such as reserved or preferential parking. Allow carpooling staff to combine seniority years to qualify for premium parking spaces.
  • Plan promotional events in advance. Will your institution participate in Carpool Month, Earth Day, Commuter Challenge or another promotional event in the next year? Take advantage of increases in fuel prices to get the attention of a more receptive audience.

There are many more great opportunities to get the word out to both students and staff. If you need help or advice - please get in touch. We want your program to be a success!

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Carpooling Convert

By Dave Thompson

I had never even heard about carpooling when a neighbourapproached me with his dilemma.  Jeff andhis young family had just moved in down the block, neighbours in our bedroomcommunity of Calgary.  “We just have onecar, and my wife needs it most days to drive the kids around.  Since you and I both work downtown, why don’twe split the driving?  I’ll drive oneweek and you drive the following week.”

I promised to consider his proposal. 

At first, I though the arrangement would be a hugeimposition.  I like my time in the car,alone with my thoughts.  How could I dowithout the freedom to stop on the way home, pick up the occasional dinner ordo the odd chore?   Sure, it’s expensiveto drive alone and pay for parking, regular fill-ups and wear and tear.  But, I guess I had always assumed these costswere an inevitable part of commuting and living where we do.

Jeff offered to drive for the first week, and, seeing howenthusiastic he was, I agreed to carpool with him for a month trialperiod.   He picked me up at the end ofthe driveway and the stress of the commute melted away.   We talked on the way into Calgary and Iarrived at work much more alert and ready for the day.  After work we met a few blocks from theoffice and we seemed to be home in no time.

On my driving week, I reciprocated the arrangement, pickingup and delivering Jeff to the end of his driveway and dropping him only a fewblocks from work.  After a week of freecommuting, I really noticed the high gas prices, the stress of traffic and therising parking costs.  Jeff mentioned howgrateful he was for the arrangement, and what peace of mind it is for his wifeto be able to take the kids wherever they needed to go – doctor’s office,pre-school, grocery store, etc. 

Four years later,Jeff and I are still carpooling.  Weregistered for and have athird carpool partner, Darlene and an occasional fourth, Don.  Sometimes we only have to drive for one weekout of the month.  And the savings arepiling up - it’s Mexico for us again in February. 

Occasionally I have to drive alone to work to attend anoffsite meeting or to make an appointment. Mostly I look forward to our carpool, knowing we are helping each otherout, saving money and doing something environmentally responsible. 

Thank you Jeff and thank you!  

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The Commuter’s New Years Resolution

by Karin Gregory (@GregoryKarin)

The start of a New Year is when we say we are going to change, get fit, cut out bad habits and be better people all around.  We are looking for ways to save money after the expense of the holidays. There is a simple way to save money, improve your health and the environment all year round. Make carpooling your 2015 New Years Resolution!

With the average cost of operating a car in Canada estimated to be upwards of $9,000 each year, carpooling is a simple way to offset costs.  The more people you commute with, and the more often you carpool, the more money you can expect to save.  Check out our savings calculator to see how much your commute really costs you and how much you could expect to save by carpooling.

If you’re looking to improve your health and lower your stress levels, carpooling is ideal. Studies have shown that commuters who travel long distances and commute with others have lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure.  And who doesn’t appreciate having someone to help ‘push’ on snowy winter days! 

In addition to improving your health you will also be helping the ‘health’ of the environment. Fewer cars on the road result in less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Make your resolution to carpool this year so that you can feel proud all year long about doing your part to help the environment. is here to help you make your News Years resolutions become a reality. We provide a free matching program to assist you in finding other commuters who live near you. You can screen for personal preferences and there is no commitment when you sign up. And talk about flexibility… You carpool once or twice a week, full time, one way with one group and home with another, or you can combine with transit.  The possibilities are endless!  Of course, you might be more comfortable making a small commitment initially, but if that goes well you can add more days – carpooling can work for almost any lifestyle!

Your commitment to carpooling can result in long-term savings and often results in unexpected friendships. Start 2015 off right by making a commitment to your wallet, health and the environment. Visit today.

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Carpool Your Way Back To School

By Karin Gregory (@GregoryKarin)

Fall is just around the corner and students are heading back to University. For many post secondary students, commuting to school each day is no easy feat. Between the cost of car maintenance, gas prices, parking prices and limited spots in the parking lot, it can be a hassle for many. There is good news though - many post secondary institutions around the country now offer carpool programs. Incentives for carpooling varies between post secondary institutions but can range from conveniently located spots closer to doors, to guaranteed/reserved spaces and even parking discounts.

The average student can pay close to $450 a semester for parking. This can be reduced by splitting costs with others. With student loans increasing along with the cost of living rising, carpooling is a clever way to save. In addition to saving money, there are opportunities to make connections and enjoy the social aspects of commuting together.

The University of Calgary is an example of one university that is promoting carpooling. Their current carpool program is for their parking lots 10, 11 and 32. Carpools of 3+ are given the best stalls in those lots and discounted to the price to $4. Finding parking in any busy university parking lot can prove to be difficult during peak periods; parking in a premium location for a lower cost is an excellent perk. Many universities offer similar programs.

Are YOU a student who is looking to save money, meet new people and have more convenient parking? If so, then carpooling could be for you! <> is a free matching program that helps to match commuters with similar habits and routes. In addition to the cost savings, carpooling is an excellent way to reduce stress levels while commuting, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pressure on limited campus parking. Alternating driving with carpool group members can provide more time to read, relax and even study for exams while commuting.

Check out your institution’s carpool parking policies and sign up for free matching at today!

Happy Carpooling!

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Such a great idea - every university and college should encourage carpooling!

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Support Earth Day 2014 by Being a Carpool Hero!

by Karin Gregory (@GregoryKarin)

Earth Day is a reminder to us all to take the time to make our planet a little bit better. Over 6 million Canadian’s participate in Earth Day each year - how will you be contributing on April 22nd? We could all take a little more of our time to invest in the environment around us. A simple way to do this is by making the decision to carpool. Carpooling is a great way to make a small change that will allow you to save money, lower your stress levels and drastically decrease greenhouse gases (GHGs). is a free matching program that assists commuters in finding fellow carpoolers within close proximity to them, to help make the process more convenient. Since cars have become the most used mode of transportation, why not travel with your neighbour or co-worker? Last year our members saved an estimated 2,374,934 kg of CO2 alone; that’s equivalent to the combined weight of over 339 elephants!! Help us increase this number in 2014 by carpooling.

There are over 30,000,000 empty seats in the vehicles of Canadian workers each day. Individuals that commute to work alone should be thinking about the GHG emissions their single car is emitting each time their put their key in the ignition. Because passenger road transportation is responsible for approximately 30% of Canadians’ personal GHGs, filling some of these empty seats will lower emissions, decrease congestion, offset commuting costs and improve the health of Canadians by reducing pollution and smog. Earth Day gives us an opportunity to reconsider our every day actions and what impact those actions could have on climate change.

Canada’s climate change strategy includes reducing GHG emissions 17% by 2020. By committing to carpool one day a week we could reduce personal GHG emissions by 20%. If everyone carpooled one day a week, Canada would be well on the way to meeting this climate change goal.

Are you interested in finding out how many GHGs your commute generates each day? Use our savings calculator to quickly determine your commuting costs, your approximate GHG emissions, and how these can be offset by carpooling!

In addition to the environmental benefits, carpooling also offers a chance to be able to make new connections and enjoy the social aspects through commuting with friends and members of your community.

Taking care of the Earth is everybody’s responsibility. Join the people around you; show Mother Nature some love by making the shift to carpooling #1DayAWeek! Rethinking our everyday actions is how we will be able to make long-term environmental gains for future generations to come!

In honour of making Earth Day every day, challenge your friends and family to join with you! On April 22nd… ‘Do your Bit... Share it!’

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Our inaugaral blog is coming in time for Earth Day - thank you @GregoryKarin !

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