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Submitted by Matt H., Calgary, AB

A few years back I was standing around on my lunch break perusing a exhibit at our office in the foyer. I was going to meet my friend Andrew for lunch and he was bringing his friend Giselle along, a gorgeous admin from our department whom I'd known professionally for a couple years. Turns out I drove right by her place on the way to work everyday, and over lunch we decided to share a ride to work in the mornings. Well it was only a few weeks following that we got to know each other so well that we started apartment pooling too! Now it's 3 years later and bought a house together and have a 9 month baby boy named Kai. We still car pool together to the office, and Kai is along for the ride now too, everywhere we go!

Submitted by Cassandra B., Regina, SK

I used to pay $10 a day for parking. I knew there were cheaper options if I parked a bit further away from my building but I always had some excuse for not doing it... running late, need to be somewhere right after work, too cold, wearing heels, etc. Now that I've started carpooling the walk doesn't seem so dismal. I love the company, have made a great friend, love that we are reducing the number of cars on the congested streets and that we are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Submitted by Chelsie M., Edmonton, AB

I'm somewhat of a "newbie" when it comes to carpooling. I had always thought of it to be a great idea, but now I truly believe it.

I work outside of Edmonton (Leduc) and it's about a 15 minute highway drive. Although it can be a quick trip, it can be fairly long and boring. When some fellow employees all moved into my area, we decided to try carpooling on a few days a week. Now, after a few weeks, it's been great! All three of us get along amazingly and we've even had a "silent" morning, because we aren't morning people at all! No music, no talking, just driving. Although, most of the time, we can't stop chatting! Especially at the end of the day - after spending most of our time with children under 8 - other adults are "godsends"!

In just so little time carpooling, I've seen a difference. I haven't filled up with as much gas as usual (twice a week), I'm getting to school earlier (early pick up), and I'm more relaxed getting to work (not stressed driving).

Even though I thought giving up my vehicle "freedom" was going to be tough, it's been an easy, fun and cost-saving transition!

Submitted by Adele L., Enderby, BC

Going back to College as a very mature student was hard enough financially and mentally. I had no money left over for travelling the 108kms to and from the College campus twice a week. Thankfully carpooling with a fellow, (albeit much younger!), student helped both him and I cut our travel expenses in half. Our carpooling provides great company and he has given me a lot of tips and advice for studying and 'fitting' into my new student lifestyle!

Submitted by Sharon U., Calgary, AB

I have car pooled off and on since 1990 and steadily since 1998. I carpool with another driver who drives alternate weeks. Carpooling helps ease stress in my life as I do not need to drive everyday, helps the environment by getting vehicles off of the road, helps preserve our roads, and is a great way to meet new people or get to know your neighbours. My commute always goes quicker and more pleasantly with someone to share the ride with. I highly recommend carpooling to all drivers. No matter the job or situation most people can adapt their schedule to carpool a few days a week.

Submitted by Kari E., Saskatoon, SK

Myself and three colleagues all live in Martensville and work in Saskatoon. We have been carpooling now for almost 2 years. Most days there are four of us in the car, depending on days off. We have all saved gas, time and money. And we are all good friends and enjoy each other's company.

Submitted by Brenda P., Winfield, BC

I was so happy to find a colleague at work to car pool with a couple months ago. My new friend, Heather, and I take turns each week car pooling 3 days each week from Winfield into Kelowna. I am not only helping the environment and saving money. I have also made a new friend. We have great visits back and forth to work. Starting in November, we have a third person that will be carpooling with us. That means we only have to drive every third week. That's a savings of $130 a month for each of us! And more friends!! Carpooling is a win, win!!! Love it!

Submitted by Tanya S., Regina, SK

Just wanting to let you know our carpool story! There are 4 ladies in total. We are all from Qu'Appelle and travel to Regina usually 3 to 4 times a week together. We all, except 2 ladies, work at different places. We pay the driver 5 dollars a day to be picked up and dropped off at our work place and home! Works great... we couldn't ask for a better way to get to work! Way cheaper then driving on our own! Thanks to our driver for always providing a safe drive in and drive out!

Submitted by Ashleigh R., Calgary, AB

First of all, I must say that I thank every time I pull up to pay in my prime parking spot at The Arts Parkade at the University of Calgary. In the middle of winter especially... 3 bucks compared to 7 goes along way when you are parking EVERY DAY. That’s Vietnamese soup and a "Tim’s" for what I've saved. hooked me up with 2 other nursing students who I have gotten to become very good friends with and have established a support network. We drive together each and every time we head to the Uni. Not only is it saving money on gas and parking it is an awesome opportunity to share in the ups and downs of student life, ie exam week.

I would have to say that by far the best part about carpooling is the laughs and the sharing in music together. The other benefits are that at the end of the day the 3 of us have cut back on 2 extra cars on the road and to me that is hugely important. Carpooling by is made so easy to do, especially monetarily beneficial and helps us all pitch into saving the environment.

U of C is also trying to encourage people to not idle while waiting. Less cars coming to the University will also decrease idling fumes!

Submitted by Debbie H., Edmonton, AB

I started carpooling with a co-worker to save gas, and for the good of the environment. I never thought I'd make such a wonderful friend in the process. On our way to and from work, we laugh, we sing, we tell each other our problems, and we enjoy such a great conversation.

On the days one of us has to leave early for an appointment, and we take our own cars, I find the drive to and from work long and lonely.

Submitted by Navita K., Edmonton, AB

My carpool buddy was my co-worker at my last place of employment. Fortunately, she lived close to the part of the city in which I reside. This really helped me save money on transit tickets, save time getting home and it was definitely more enjoyable to have someone to talk with at the end of the day than to travel by myself on the bus. Carpooling is also quite environmentally friendly and, when you consider how expensive it is to keep and drive a car, a budget-friendly option. I would highly recommend carpooling!

Submitted by Cindy R., Kelowna, BC

My husband and I used to carpool daily until his job changed and allowed him to work closer to home. For the next two years, I dorve alone and sure missed the chance to chat alone with him that carpooling provided! Recently he went back to college and we are able to carpool again. This time though we've joined up with another college student and a college employee - it's the FUN bus crossing the bridge from Westbank into Kelowna everyday now!

I tried the city bus for a couple of months but carpooling is by far superior!:-)

Submitted by Christine P., Kelowna, BC

My 13 year old son and his friend are car pooling to their drama lessons by taking turns with whose parent drives them both there. These lessons have gone on since September and will end next March. It is very convenient to do this as it saves both parents from driving there every time.

Submitted by Holly B., Kelowna, BC

We have 6 girls in our neighbourhood going to dance classes across town on one particular weekday evening. This could have amounted to 12 trips there and back if everyone drove individually. However, we were able to work out a schedule, which cut it down to only 3 round trips! Not only are we saving on commuting costs, it is great fun having the girls chat and visit during the drive.

Submitted by Malcolm M., Kamloops, BC

I've been carpooling for about 4 years now. My commute is about 12km. We had a total of 3 in our carpool, but just recently added a 4th. About 2 years ago we were randomly picked and won a prize. This was around St. Patrick’s Day, and the city of Kamloops was having a green initiative to coincide with ST. Patrick’s Day and being the carpool local winners we were invited down to City Hall to have a photo opportunity with the Mayor, to receive a token gift. Turns out the media attended along with the local TV cameras and we ended up on the evening news. The bonus to the whole event was as the news anchor mentioned on TV even the color of our car was green. So you never know what will happen when you GO GREEN!

The added bonus is that we get free parking right in front of my office for being in a car pool.

Submitted by Barb C., Vernon, BC

I am a teacher with the Vernon School District, and I teach in Cherryville, BC. Last year I was on my own for driving because everyone I worked with lived from Lumby to Cherryville. However, this year we have a new teacher who also lives in Vernon. So now I have a partner to drive with during the week. While we can not drive together everyday, it is great to have someone to chat with a couple of times a week. I am finding that I am much more relaxed at home and am ready to just be with my family when I get there, instead of still winding down from my day! It has been a great experience!

Submitted by Andrew M., Vernon, BC

As college student, living in one community, but going to school in another, commuting certainly made sense. Turns out that there were three others enrolled in the same program, so carpooling stretched meager student dollars. First there were the savings in gas, wear and tear on the vehicles, parking fees etc. Then there was the reduction in emissions, by less vehicles being on the road.

Another real bonus was being able that daily commute to study for exams, discuss reports, and ultimately help each other through a rather challenge course. Oh, did I mention the new friendships that came from carpooling?

Carpooling does have so many benefits!

Submitted by Jody C., Yorkton, SK

This past summer I worked half an hour away from my house. The first two weeks I drove by myself everyday to work.

One day while sitting at my desk I got an email from one of my fellow co-workers asking if I was from Yorkton and if I had someone I was carpooling with. I replied saying no. We then got talking and before I knew it I was carpooling with her and another employee from my company.

This not only helped getting a vehicle off of the road in the early hours of the day, but it also saved money and gas. I created new friendships and had company along with me on the half an hour drive every day thanks to carpooling!

Submitted by Nancy L., Regina, SK

I have been carpooling with a coworker for two years. By using one car, we are using one less parking space, we are reducing the vehicle emissions by 1/2 and we have developed a great friendship during our daily commutes.

Submitted by Ingrid F., Regina, SK

I have worked at SaskTel for 25 years. When I became a manager I was allowed to have SaskTel parking. I have a co-worker from our HR department that lives in my same neighborhood. He has been with the company over 25 years but because he is in the union was on a waiting list to get parking. I think he was number 200 on the list. We decided to travel together to work. I pay for the parking and have the parking spot - he drives everyday.

It has been a wonderful experience as you have someone to talk to for those 45 minutes to work and home again. Sometime when you have a bad day at work it isn't easy to explain your day to your spouse but someone that works at the same company understands your issues so by the time you get home things don't look so bad. I am also a nervous driver especially in winter so for me having someone else drive relaxes me as I am less stressed then. I would highly recommend people get themselves a carpool buddy. It also is good for the environment less cars on the road.

Submitted by Amanda G., Calgary, AB

Since July 1st, 2010 I've been carpooling to work with my boyfriend. Prior to this, we were taking 2 separate vehicles to work and spending roughly $250 a month on gas in our cars. Since we started carpooling, we save $150 a month, which we put directly into a savings account. Our savings account is growing and the wear and tear on both of our vehicles has gone down! It's nice to have someone to talk to while driving to work, not to mention we have our coffee stop tradition every morning.

Submitted by Donna Kathler, Airdrie, AB

I live in Airdrie and while we love living in a small community, my job is located in downtown Calgary. I used to park at the Calgary Zoo and take the always over-crowded train downtown. I found this to be the most convenient mode of transportation and never really gave much thought to the impact that each and every driver on the road would have to the environment.

When the transit workers threatened to strike in 2007, a co-worker put up a notice asking if anyone would be interested in carpooling from Airdrie and splitting the cost. Worried that I would no longer have the train to rely on, I signed up immediately.

However, when I inquired with a parkade close to our building about a monthly pass, I was told that the waiting list was years' long. Disheartened, I didn't bother putting our name down. A few days later, I read in the paper that some parkades were designating a certain number of spots for carpoolers. I called back to the same parkade to let them know we would be carpooling. That did it. We got our monthly parking pass immediately.

That was 2+ years ago. We have since added a third person and I now notice how many drivers we pass each day who travel alone. It feels good knowing that not only are we helping the environment and saving money, but we have also formed a friendship that will last long after our carpool days are over.

Thanks very much!

Submitted by Josh Grant, Calgary, AB

My employer (WestJet) recently moved me from an office building on Barlow Trail NE to their new campus at the airport. Because of this, I had to break my long-time carpool arrangement. I was pleased to learn that an employer-sponsored carpool program was starting up at the new campus. I soon found a new carpool buddy, and we get a great parking spot every day – the thirty-three parking spots closest to the building are reserved for carpoolers!

Submitted by Susan Bligh, Calgary, AB

Three years ago I was driving by myself to work daily. I was spending a lot of time frustrated with traffic and a lot of money on gas and parking. I didn’t know any different, so I probably would have continued driving by myself had I not had a reason to change. I soon learned I was pregnant. I had tremendous morning sickness and found that I was unable to drive myself each morning without a lot of difficulty. I posted online that I was looking for a carpool.

I soon found 3 people who all wanted to save on parking fees. We all met at 6:30am in the deep south and drove downtown together. We shared the monthly parking fee in an underground parkade central to our work locations. We met again at 4pm and were home by 4:30pm. My stress level decreased substantially as I was only driving 1 in every 4 weeks. The other weeks I was able to sit back, relax and chat with my new friends. Carpooling helped me feel so much better through my pregnancy since if I was feeling under the weather, I did not have to drive myself through rush hour.

Since learning the benefits of carpooling to my stress levels, pocket book and the environment I will never again go back to driving alone.

Submitted by Tom Lee, Maureen Jackson and Melanie Bannister, Edmonton, AB

While driving to work one morning Tom heard about "" on CBC radio. Thoughts like reducing his carbon footprint, saving the environment and offsetting ever-rising fuel costs - wow, this was the answer!! After searching for possible carpool partners and finding no one matching his criteria, my email cinched the deal!! Tom picked me up the following morning…. wheels never stopped rolling since … we were a perfect match!! The ride seems far shorter than my regular bus commute, we have so much to talk/laugh about... This was November 5, 2007. A few weeks later, Tom and Terry invited me for Christmas dinner. I had a wonderful time and met both sides of their family; he has since then, met some of mine. I affectionately refer to him as my "computer date". and regard him as "family", mentor, adviser and friend". There is not too much we don't talk about!! January 28, 2008, we became a "threesome" with Maureen joining. This is what she has to say: "have been driving to/from work most of my career. When Melanie advised she had found a car pool and better still, as we are on the same Crescent, I negotiated with our driver Tom to join. It is a great idea, so nice not to drive everyday myself, great company, it saves me money, plus it takes another car off the road. I would highly recommend ""!!

Submitted by Mary Joe Almachar (condensed), Edmonton, AB

I start carpooling last May 2008. It was a big help with my family. I’m unable to take the bus so everyday my spouse drove and picked me up at work, Monday thru Friday. It was a hassle because we have to bring the kids with us every single day no matter what the weather is. I have to wake them up bring me to work and then my husband has to drove them to school as well. It’s been hard for the kids because they have to be in bed early and wake up early just to drive me to work at 6:45 AM. My spouse works night shift from 5pm-4am and I work from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM. Our routines are from 7:00 in the morning my spouse has to drop me to work and drop the children at school - At 3:00pm pick up the kids and pick me up, drive us home and then he goes to work every single day. We learned to sacrifice and deal with it.

Then my neighbour's daughter got a job just across from where I worked and saw me many times in the road driving the same direction. We are having conversation and she asked me where do I work. She asked me if I want to go with her because we both work on the same street and we also start the same time.

She drives and I pay for the parking pass because I get a discount at work. She is very happy and thankful. She is now saving $140.00 – just on parking. We both save tons of money and we’re helping out the traffic plus reducing pollution. Not only that my children doesn't have to wake up early every single day. They sleep until 7:45am now and when they have enough sleep they feel good and make their day the fullest. They're not grouchy and they more on the happy side everyday.

It helps me tremendously, imagine the yearly savings that can add up. If we all do the same thing we might have less traffic, pollution and money on our pocket that will be used to most important expensse when time comes. I'm so glad I found a carpool and I am hoping that this will challenge all the people out there to do the same thing.

Submitted by Sikander Memon, Edmonton, AB

I work downtown. Most of us who work downtown want to have a place that is close to work. I always wanted to live in a good neighbourhood/community so I took a chance and bought a new condo in South Terwillegar (Simpson Drive NW) in Edmonton, knowing that it’s way too far from my work. I never believed in paying 20$/day for my parking and was a regular ETS customer.

Before moving to my new place I checked the ETS bus routes and travel time and found out that my commute back and forth was approx 1 hour and 50 minutes which would be a nightmare to me.

Somebody told me about, so I opened up my account, entered my information (source, destination, work timings) and performed a search for matches close to where I live. I found out 5-6 people in the list and sent them a formal email that I was interested in carpooling. I received a reply from Bill Stecyk who was living in the same neighbourhood so I spoke to him on phone and a week after that I went to see him, we talked about our work schedules and sharing costs. Now it’s been 2 months I am getting a shared ride everyday. My monthly share is $65 and my commute back and forth is 40-50 minutes. I am so comfortable now I don’t have to worry about weather, standing at bus stops etc. Above all i am saving my 1 hour.

For all this I really thank carpool that they have opened up such a great service. It’s one great idea that will save money + time. So I would definitely recommend using this service - at least it's worth a try even if you do it for a week.

Submitted by Lorna Johnson, Calgary, AB

Our carpool has become a teenager; "Thirteen and still going strong"

We started our carpool long before Calgary started to think seriously about carpooling. It all started when a co-worker moved to Airdrie, and asked if I would I like to carpool. At the time, I was driving from Crossfield 5 days a week, parking across the river and walking into downtown. Now for anyone who has walked across the Edmonton Trail bridge, you know how biting cold that can be in our Calgary winters. Being good Manitoba stock, I just dressed for it, and told myself it was good exercise. She said if I drove, she would pay the parking across from our building, I jumped at the chance.

A couple of months into this, another co-worker slipped and broke a bone in her foot. She asked if she could pay some gas, and join us in our trip to downtown Calgary. That was the beginning of our carpool 13 years ago. When the bones healed, we had developed a system, and we decided to continue our arrangement. We worked out a driving schedule, and split the cost of the parking.

Very soon, my first co-worked announced she had been talking to a lady at her day home, who would be interested in joining our carpool. It has progressed from there. Over the years we have had at least 15 - 18 people come and go, but the first and third participant are still together. We've had people from Cremona, Carstairs, Crossfield, Airdrie, and Acme. We had a young fellow with us for a while, and he called us "his girls". Not sure what his wife thought of that, but he made us feel secure driving the #2 on some of the snow days.

Our rides can be very entertaining or very quiet. We are today, five women, and as you can imagine there are some days that our conversations about "sex, drugs and rock and roll" have us in reels of laughter. One afternoon we were called "a whole car full of cougars." We had a good laugh about that one. Two of our ladies have recently entered into new relationships. Now we kid them about "why they are so tired......" Perhaps the rest of us are jealous, I don't know.

As we age, we are all entering into the time of our life when the memory starts to fail. Some days between the four of us, we only have two functioning brains, the other two are intermittent, but that's half the entertainment. We laugh at each other when one forgets something. We all know we've been there, but today it's someone else's turn to feel foolish. We have all forgotten something, never someone, but as the memory comes and goes, we rely on each other to remind us what changes we are making in the next day's schedule, as far as who's turn it is to drive, and who is switching driving days with whom.

We have made a lot of friends, met people we would not have otherwise met. We meet after work for a Christmas drink in December, we've hosted baby showers for our new Mom, twice, we try to have a summer barbeque, and sometimes we go out for supper just because. All in all, our carpool works like a charm. We get five people to work every day, for a cost of driving to Calgary one day a week, and 1/5 of underground parking in downtown Calgary. In our opinion, you can't beat it.

We felt this was a story worth sharing. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Lorna, Donna, Julie, Linda & Sheila

Submitted by Josh Grant, Calgary, AB

I've been carpooling for over 2 years now, and the experience has been very positive for me and my "carpool buddy". I work in I.T., and he is an elementary school teacher, so my workday is naturally a little longer than his. At first, we thought this would be a challenge, as I can't shorten my workday and he doesn't want to hang around until 5:00 when school ends at 3:15. After trying different schedules (my employer allows flex-time, to a degree), we settled on a 7-3:30 workday for both of us. These hours allow us to commute in relatively light rush-hour traffic, he gets his marking done in the morning without having to bring work home, and we both get home early to enjoy family time (we both have preschool-aged children). Carpooling also means that he doesn't have to buy a second vehicle; his family gets to use their one car every day.

Thanks for getting us together,!

Josh Grant

Submitted by Adrian Bryksa, Calgary, AB

I have carpooled with a colleague for the past 2 years and have found the experience to be very rewarding. We collectively save money on parking and fuel and make a huge environmental difference by taking 1 car each day off the road. It just makes sense, as the choice to carpool as it keeps cash in our pockets and reduces the size of our environmental footprint. Since I started carpooling and realizing my actions could make a difference, I have started recycling in my home and have been making a more conscious effort to choose environmentally friendly products and green companies. My actions make a difference and the choice to carpool is one that has started a chain reaction. This chain reaction was in my attitude and approach to how I interact with the planet that we live on. Carpooling has also reduced my stress levels as I know that either 2 or 3 days per week I am not going to have to face traffic as my carpool partner is manning the wheel. It also gives an excellent opportunity to decompress and share my thoughts and feelings on the days events. It takes effort and flexibility to carpool as combining schedules isn't always easy. It is easy however to enjoy the benefits that carpooling offers.

Adrian Bryksa

Submitted by Sarah Williamson, Okanagan, BC

Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! You guys helped me get to and from university 50 kms away without a vehicle. I am almost finished my degree now & I really feel that helped me get to where I am today!

Sarah Williamson, Okanagan, BC